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A guide to eat hot pot

   Eating hot pot is a type of the characterized meals. Select your preferred soup base, a variety of food ingredients and the most important thing - dipping sauce.  

  Typical hot pot ingredients include thinly sliced meatleaf vegetablesmushroomsvermicelli, sliced potatoes, bean products, egg dumplingstofu, and seafood. Raw ingredients are pre-sliced into thin sections that will cook quickly and consistently in the simmering broth, which is kept at a gentle boiling temperature. All food ingredients will be immersed in a boiling pot,  and then taken out accordingly in the recommended timing for the best taste.

 Step 1:Select Soup Base

  Select your preferre soup base. Select two flavors or three flavors of soup base combination pot to experience the diversed flavors. 

- Spicy Base

- Tomate Soup Base

- Mushroom Soup Base

- Bone Soup Base

Caldo de Yuanlaosi Hot Pot
hotpot yuanlaosi combination dish

Step 2: Select Food Ingredients

  A rich selection of proteins, vegetables, and staples, remember that we also offer Sin Gluten and vegetarian recipes in particular

Step 3 Prepare Own Dipping Sauces 

 This is the most personalized part to prepare a customized sauce. Recommend some most traditional Chinese hot pot sauces.

Yuanlaosi Prepare dipping sauce

  Grasping the time of instant-boiled food ingredients is the key to delicious taste. Pls refer the recommended time to ​immerse each ingredient on our menu.
Step 4 Recommended Timing to Immerse

   There are significant differences in the perception of spiciness between Chinese and European people. The spicy levels listed in the menu are based on the acceptance of local Europeans. 

Step 5 Select Spiciness Level
Yuanlaosi Hotpot Espana Spicy soup base
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